The HAT-TRICK Lesser Toe Repair System helps reduce the additional pain and discomfort associated with traditional wire-based hammertoe surgery.

HAT-TRICK consists of three new surgical systems. All three of these systems can work together or independently and are designed to provide you an improved outcome to your surgery. One or more of these systems may be needed for your condition, but all are available to your HAT-TRICK trained surgeon.

HAT-TRICK MTP Joint Repair System

Each lesser toe has a ligament on the bottom that connects the base of the toe to the foot bone, or metatarsal. This ligament, known as the plantar plate, can get damaged and cause your toe to arch and become misaligned. The HAT-TRICK MTP Joint Repair System may help correct this deformity.

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HAT-TRICK PIP Fusion System

Severe cases of Hammertoe or Clawtoe cause the first joint of the toe to bend and fuse into an unnatural position. The HAT-TRICK PIP Fusion System provides your surgeon a way to straighten and align the toe joint into place with less invasive surgery and without painful wires.

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HAT-TRICK Osteotomy Guide

Severe foot deformities may require partial removal or reshaping of bones in your toes to restore proper alignment. This procedure, called an Osteotomy, is usually done freehand by surgeons, with varying results. The HAT-TRICK Osteotomy Guide gives your surgeon the tools to produce biologically accurate results and minimize the complications that can arise from traditional surgeries.

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