Wear and tear on your toes and feet over the years may make standing or walking uncomfortable and painful. Bones and joints become misaligned or malformed, conditions that many shoe types painfully aggravate. Without proper correction, your mobility may be seriously hindered. Take the steps to get your feet back in motion.

Anatomy of Your Toes

Those ten little digits at the end of your feet take a lot of abuse every day, supporting your weight, and carrying you from place to place. Your toes are more complicated than you may think, and when they become injured, your "get-up-and-go" can wind up going away.

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Anatomy of Your Shoes

From sandals to stilettos, shoes represent how we style our feet in motion. Some shoe types work with the foot's natural anatomy; others work against it. Unfortunately, fashion may cause a painful trade-off between stylish pumps and long term pain.

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